Residential Demolition Perth

Residential Demolition in Perth. Get expert advice on our professional and residential demolition services for your next residential demolition.

Experienced in Demolition

Malaga Bins Demolition has been successfully operating for over 15 years in the Perth demolition industry.

Honest Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on being exceptional in both customer service and giving you a legitimately honest demolition quote.


No matter if you are a property owner planning for site clearing to build a house, a property developer or builder, Malaga Bins can clear away all the footings, stumps, trees and other dwellings from the area with efficient residential demolition services. Our experts also hold experience in performing excavation tasks changing level blocks or digging a basement and more.

We prepare your site for the upcoming building project. If you are looking for a demolition service to retain trees, a swimming pool or your existing garage, just tell us what needs to stay and what is to be removed. The job will be done!

Our residential demolition standards We don’t compromise with the quality and longevity of work based on the cost of demolition. We ensure you receive a team of well-trained, skilled and experienced staff following safety precautions and delivering work within expected time frames. We offer you a quote with full paperwork prior to commencement of the demolition project. Once you are satisfied with the quote and paperwork, we start the work getting all the necessary permits.

Residential Demolition Cost Residential demolition is a complex process requiring specific safety aspects to be addressed. Our services guarantee professionalism and cost-effective rates. We make every effort to deliver the work within the expected deadline preventing budget inflation.

The cost of a house demolition project depends mostly on its nature. We know every job is different in its own way and that encourages us to cater customised demolition service for each project. The factors deciding the total cost of the demolition work include:

  • Size of the job – number of stories etc.
  • Materials to be removed – are they dangerous etc
  • Environment – level of skills
  • Manpower – number of workers required for timely project completion

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