Malaga Bins works with a passionate team of recycling experts who help home owners and business owners get their wastes recycled creating a better environment around. Recycling waste or unused items can bring you several benefits in the long run.

BENEFITS OF RECYCLING WASTE We have mentioned some of the benefits of recycling the property waste regularly:

IT CONSERVES RESOURCES On recycling, you can reuse the materials to create something better, saving its essential resource. Some of the common recycled materials are petroleum for plastic bags, aluminium for cans, iron ore for steel can and trees to make paper products. This way you can save natural resources.

IT SAVES ENERGY When we use recycled materials to make new products, the process consumes low energy as compared to manufacturing new products using raw materials. Consider the example of manufacturing cans from recycled aluminium – it uses 95% less energy in the process. 

IT PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT Recycling keeps the waste away from landfills and minimises the threat of greenhouse gas exposure like methane in the environment. The process of recycling waste also minimises the need of processing and mining raw materials which ultimately stops harmful carbon dioxide emissions in large amounts into the environment. 


  • Years of experience in serving variety of customers
  • Flexible pickup times
  • Covers businesses of all sizes
  • Provides up to 1100L capacity recycle bins
  • Good amount of bins at competitive prices
  • Increase your recycling profits
  • No obligation assessment Quote

Want to recycle excessive waste in your house or commercial property? WE have experts for the job at Malaga Bins.

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