At Malaga Bins, we have a team holding expertise in site preparation and other field works. We offer top quality bobcats on general hire, erosion control, landscaping and some other purposes. For us, no work is big or small and we prioritise things accordingly. You will be offered bobcats with a skilled team to carry out effective operations, giving you the peace of mind.


  • 5.5-tonne excavator and Bobcat with 10-metre truck with a combination of rock hammer, augers, road sweeper and rock grab 1.7-tonne excavator and mini-Bobcat with 4-metre truck combination with augers

COMMON BOBCAT HIRE TASKS We can help you with the following bobcat services:

LANDSCAPING Bobcat is suitable in assisting the landscapers when preparing areas for all kinds of landscaping. The bobcat is highly versatile to load bulk bags, huge sandstone rocks, and usual site cleans.

LEVELLING YARDS Our operators use their scrapping and dragging skills to level out the backyard or worksite. Bobcats can move fast and smooth saving good amount of time and effort.

PREPARING LAWN Bringing the bucket and lawn leveller to level out the holes and bumps in your lawn all set for turfing

BEST QUALITY BOBCATS Since years, we have been serving our valuable customers with the quality bobcat hire service at Malaga Bins. Our team knows how customers should always be placed at the top most priority. This dedication enables us remain available for 6 days a week and get the project done within the stipulated time and budget. You can rely on our dedicated workmanship and modern machinery.

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